Tips you must know before you buy a monitor

Another factor that determines the choice is the refresh rate. Most monitors today are equipped with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which means you can only see 60 frames per second when gaming. This is enough for office workers, lecturers, or business people who only use monitors for everyday computing. Furthermore, if you love to watch movies, then perhaps the monitor arm can also be necessary for your own convenience.

However, if you are a gamer, animator, or YouTuber, then choose a monitor with a minimum 144 Hz refresh rate to provide a more smooth-playing or work experience. Some high-end gaming monitors are even designed with technologies known as variable refresh rates. This feature is embedded in the monitor so that it can refresh at the same frame rate by the system. For example, if the game is rendered at 50 frames per second, then the monitor will also be refreshed at 50 frames per second.

At least there are two manufacturers available today, namely NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD Freesync. So, if you will often use a monitor for hard work, look for a monitor that has been supported by one of these types of cards.

Check response time

This point is not everyone needs it. Generally, monitors with fast response time are needed more by professional gamers. Gamers demand a response time under 8 ms to ensure that fast-moving videos or animations can be free from the effects of ghosting when used for heavy games.

Pay attention to other features

To improve work productivity or collaborate with friends, choose a monitor with an ergonomic stand (tilt) so that the tilt, height, and angle can be adjusted easily. In addition to providing a comfortable feeling when using a monitor, the design also minimizes the tiredness in your neck and eyes when looking at the monitor.

Finally, another thing to note is to choose a monitor that is equipped with an anti-glare layer so that it will help you when you are in a very bright room or sit behind a window. You also should choose a monitor that is equipped with a built-in speaker that is able to provide a sharp and powerful sound. This way, you do not need external speakers, while at the same time maintaining the aesthetics of the room without any messy cables around the monitor.

Those are some tips from us in choosing the ideal monitor. If you want a far more attractive and efficient, the All in One PC (AIO) you can choose because it doesn't take up large space and is free from complicated cable connections.