The Need of Monitor Arm To Set the PC Monitor Position

Today's computers have become a necessity in completing work. Sometimes computer users do not realize that he has worked with computers for hours. What if the computer user is you? You certainly don't want to feel uncomfortable, right? Incorrect computer use can indeed cause health problems. Do not let your health be disturbed because of using a computer incorrectly. In order to be able to work comfortably, fulfill health conditions, and work safety, care must be taken to position the computer and body position properly. The important thing you need to prepare before operating a computer is to regulate the position of the computer and its users. Positioning the computer and the correct user will provide the convenience of the user himself. When thinking about the position of the PC monitor, you can consider the monitor arm.

Before operating a computer, you need to properly position the computer to prevent injury when operating it. Monitor position is very important because it greatly affects the health of the computer user.

1) Place the monitor so that it can minimize the reflection of light from other light sources. Try not to place the monitor facing the window because the monitor will reflect light entering the window. Also try not to expose the monitor to the lamp because when the light is on, the monitor will reflect the light. If it is not possible to adjust the monitor screen, there is no harm in installing a radiation retaining glass as an additional shield.

2) Try to keep your visibility with the monitor between 50-60 cm. If you have difficulty seeing the screen at that distance, increase the screen resolution. The perspective that is too close will cause your eyes to tense, get tired quickly, and can lead to visual impairment.

3) Note also the location of the computer monitor height. The recommended position is to place the monitor slightly lower than the eye, at least at the center monitor between 10-23 cm under the eyes. Even though it makes the eyes move slightly to look down, research has proven that the eyes will work better at that distance.

4) This is felt by experts better than putting a monitor higher than the eye which can trigger stiffness of the neck, back and shoulder muscles. This is what makes most agencies now regulate the monitor under a transparent glass table. In addition to health reasons, the layout of the monitor will also save space.